League Happy-nings Jan 2015

Insights and Happy-nings

What an exciting finish to the F-ACE Tennis Winter League 2015. The first final of my inaugural F-ACE TENNIS EVENT was played in the 3.0 level and it could not have been closer. After 3 hours the games were tied, what a finish! Congratulations to RIVER PLACE, for taking the trophy in this nail-biting finish in overtime. In group 3.5 and 4.0 we didn't have any knock-out situations. F-ACE congratulates BERRY CREEK and their coach, Jory Ereckson, for taking these 2 trophies up North. F-ACE of Achievement certificates were given to the winners to show their husbands and boyfriends, that they actually DO PLAY TENNIS during the week!!

F-ACE wishes all the participants, all the best in the regular leagues that starts this week. We know you will use some of those coaching tips you received during my league. GO F-ACE LEAGUE players! ​

TIP of the Week: Whenever you say something out loud, it multiplies 42 times in the subconscious mind. IT BETTER BE GOOD!! Remember, you control what you say. So if it is not positive, is it worth saying?


What's All the Racquet About?: 

Notes from the Net: 

​CAPTAIN of the RIVER PLACE Champions:
I'm so delighted to have met you and to have been part of your league.  It is truly a unique and effective program for players of all levels and I will forever be a fan! Being a part of the F-ACE tennis league has been an amazing experience for our team. The on-court coaching has taken our game to a new level and has helped us obtain a level of preparedness far beyond where we would usually be at the start of our regular tennis season. My teammates are already asking when the next F-ACE TENNIS EVENT will be held. Thank you Christo for sharing your expertise and this unique opportunity with all of us.

See you courtside, 

Tracy Dahl-Burg

We enjoyed the F-ACE tennis league. Thank you so much for putting it together and rallying the tennis ladies in Austin to get involved.  It was a good thing to have an organized league to participate in during the off season.  As far as the notion of coached matches....love the idea. 

See you at courtside,

Lisa Hugman

F-ACE would love to hear back from all the participants in how they would like us to improve on our 1st league. Your feed back will help us make better decisions and what rules you would like to see and also which ones we should say good bye to. We value your input and let's grow together. Email us today

Berry Creek Pics

The BEST of the BEST: 

F-ACE has decided to roll out the red carpet for our WINNERS.
Drum roll please !


BEST player: Melinda Painter (River Place)
BEST Pair: Melinda Painter/Dina Shimkus (River Place)
BEST 1st 45 min: Melinda Painter ​(River Place)
BEST last 45 min: Sherrie Hafner ​(River Place)


BEST players: Suzie Moceri/Rhonda West (Lakeway)
BEST Pair: ​Sara Bard/Betty Davis (Rockin Racquets)
BEST 1st 45 min: ​Karri Kallman (Berry Creek)
BEST last 45 min: ​Linda Briscoe/Melissa Nelson (Lakeway)


BEST player: Lavonne Ranc/Michelle Sheridan (Berry Creek)
BEST pair: ​Lavonne Ranc/Michelle Sheridan (Berry Creek)
BEST 1st 45 min: ​Lavonne Ranc/Michelle Sheridan (Berry Creek)
BEST last 45 min: ​Teresa Giamportune (Berry Creek)

Lost Creek Pics

River Place Pics

Swat Teams Pics