Why this January League is a New Concept and a Great Fit for You: 
We all love the start of regular league play in February, but are you ready to win?
Let's get ready together with this brand new concept in league competition combined with on-court coaching, we are calling it the “F-ACE Doubles League with On-Court Coaching”. Normally during league competition, your coach is not there at the match or if they are there, they are relegated to the sideline. Your time with your coach is in clinics and training sessions. In this league, your coaches will be with you on the court to coach and to gather valuable information about you while you play. This will help them develop a better training strategy for your next practice and get you match ready for the February leagues. Since they are by your side during this league training time, you will improve more quickly and effectively with their help. There will also be an unique ranking system for individuals, teams, clubs, and the coach.

Join the F-ACE league and win more matches in the future.

Wasting valuable time on the tennis court, is for your opponents.

The Details: 

Scheduled Dates

  • 3.0 Group Mondays, 10AM - 1PM
  • 4.0 Group Tuesdays, 10AM - 1PM
  • ​3.5 Group Wednesdays, 10AM - 1PM
  • Are you interested in a Saturday Men's or Women's F-ACE Doubles Tennis league? Sign up with your pro shop or email us at F-ACE.net.


  • Only 2 adjoining courts. 
  • Easy access for the coach to help you. 
  • Easier for the coach to be fully engaged in both matches.


  • Doubles only.
  • ​4 lines of doubles. ​
  • 8 players per group.
  • ​Group levels 3.0 or 3.5 or 4.0
  • ​Do not mix levels in the same group.
  • 2 matches, followed by 2 matches.
  • Each match will play first to 13 games.
  • Ranking system decided by games won against games lost.
  • Rankings: individual, team, club, and coach (let's not forget the coach)
  • Updated rankings will be posted at clubs, online and sent to your email.
  • Coaching allowed ALL THE TIME without any delay of play.
  • A 30-second time out can be called once per game.


Set by your tennis club.


We strongly recommend that your team brings its own coach who helps you at your club. 


Home and Away Matches

Deadline to Enter:

Deadline to enter is December 6th 2014

Register Today with Your Pro Shop!
Registration is available through your club pro, or pro shop. They are ready and waiting to get you registered! Limited space available.

More Reasons to Join our League: 

You practice hard.  
You try hard.
You want to win.

BUT you still lose matches you shouldn't.

Do you ever wonder why you are unable to play in matches like you play in practice?   

The answer: There is too much of a gap between going to private lessons and drop-in clinics and then playing a competitive match.

​In what many of you experience during a normal skills practice, your coach will have you work on general things that will train you, but not necessarily as an individual or as a team player, to become a winner in competition match settings. This is mainly because things occur differently during competition and you even can play differently in a competition match. 

More often than not, weaknesses show up in competition that are like tics that you don't notice, feel or know how to overcome. All because there is a stress factor in matches, the stakes are higher and winners get separated from losers.

Traditionally coaches watch 4 courts at the same time and on top of that, the coach is not allowed to coach you until the match is over. After the match he or she points out what you should have done, but too late and often with a loss.

That's why I have created this new, one of a kind “F-ACE Doubles League with On-Court Coaching” to fill this void. This unique tennis league will help you overcome and improve those bad habits, weaknesses, and things that occur only in competition. 

We made sure that there is no conflict between my league days and HAPPY HOUR!

Play times are scheduled early at 10am to 1pm. That should leave everyone enough time to powder up and make happy hour...I hope! 

Just kidding!!

See you on the court, 

Christo and Monica van Rensburg