Life Chart for 2015 - Be the CEO of Your Thoughts and Life
by Christo Van Rensburg on December 26th, 2014

It’s the end of the year, and we had to deal with all of the ups and downs. Some had celebrations that they could share with special people and some had some painful situations that were tough to deal with. Do we know for sure what 2015 will bring to the “table”?

One thing is for certain, we can make a decision in how we want to attack 2015. We will have to decide internally what steps to take into the unknown 2015. If we are fortunate we might have some help from close friends around us or maybe we can be that supportive friend to someone else.

The best advice I can share comes from my friend at and it all starts with a chart. Yes, a simple chart that collects data you log on a regular basis. Do not just talk about it. 

A chart is a commitment between you and your goals, and a reminder of your goals for 2015. It doesn’t require money, a lot of time, or exercise. It just requires a few seconds of your time. Try logging entries 1 time per week, 3 times a week, or once a day.  You make that commitment with your chart. All I am asking for is consistency and you have to fill in the chart. This chart will provide feedback when you look at it.

What you put on your chart, if you should have only one chart, or more than one chart is confidential between you and your goals for 2015.

Here are some examples:

Weight Loss: Write your weight down on the days you scheduled to jot it down. It does not matter in the beginning whether the number stays the same or goes up, but I guarantee you that one day you will look at your chart and the chart WILL talk back to you.
Those days will be very interesting! Just keep filling in the numbers.

Weight Training: Somedays it is tough to get to the gym. I saw a note on a gym door as you enter and it said, “You have done the tough part already, and it was getting here”. That is so true. My advice here is to make an easy schedule in the beginning. Don’t say which days you will workout on the chart, but rather 1 day/week or 3 days in 2 weeks. It gives you a little breather on some days that you just do not feel up for the gym. After a while you will be in a groove and it will get easier. When you see results it is always easier to keep it up. Results might not be the increase in numbers but can be in the satisfaction of seeing how the chart is filling up. Just keep jotting down info.

Parenting Chart: What?!!?  There is a manual for parenting?  You are kidding me!!  Yes, I’m kidding and there is no manual for being a great parent, but what about trying to become a better parent? O.K., that is probably another chart. What about trying to notice what your kids do well and compliment them on it. Can you write on a chart every time you said something positive to them, something that you know they enjoyed hearing. It could be one sentence/week, maybe 4/week. Just say it and write it down. You need to see how this chart grows. It is for you, because now you are looking to notice the good things in life and not being a policeman who wants to fix everything. Sometimes it is good if they make mistakes, because later they will be more prepared to handle mistakes. By complimenting your kids, you are planting a seed in their head that they are great and it will help with their inner confidence. 

Spouse Chart: Oh NO. NO. There isn’t a chart big enough to measure this. It should be full every week. A full chart every day will score a lot of points, and I don't mean tennis points!
​Praising anyone will NEVER make them angry. Have you ever seen a person get angry after receiving a compliment? Remember the saying, “What you sow you will reap”. Why not start a chart where you jot down when you gave someone a verbal boost. Let’s prepare to make a difference in our own life by focusing on how we want to start looking at 2015. We have a choice to make, why not start 2015 with a chart that will benefit us, by seeing the good things around us. 

​​Lets clean house, INSIDE of us. Let’s make ourselves the CEO and President of our thoughts and start running this company with pride. The chart will become our friend and it is just a matter of time and a small commitment to fill it in, to make a difference in our lives.

​WHAT WILL YOUR CHART SAY TO YOU 3, 6, 12 months from now?

​Let’s talk TENNIS CHART:
Oh yes, there is a tennis chart. There are a lot of tennis charts. I can write a book about tennis charts.

Stay tuned for the next blog about tennis charts. You do not want to miss this. You do want to get to match point before your opponents, don’t you??

Christo van Rensburg

​.... and don't get mad,
because like my lovely daughter once said:
"if you are mad or sad, you play bad"

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