Tennis Tip: Make Your Weakness a Smaller Target
by Christo Van Rensburg on June 24th, 2013

here are 2 ways of playing better tennis and it all depends entirely on YOU, yourself. 

Guess what? One of them is extremely easy and YOU WONT NEEDEXTRA HOURS PRACTICING ON THE COURT
EXTRA MONEY SPENT ON COACHINGAll you need is a pencil and paper (and you must be able to write). - LOL!. The fantastic news is that this just takes 2 minutes out of you free time. 

You know what I like about this tip? You have no idea what I am going to teach you, but I know I have you on the edge of your seat. Ha ha ha - let's start. 

Answer the following: There are many shots in tennis but which shot do you have to play the most? 

The answer is: RETURN OF SERVE 

So, now what is your better return? forehand or backhand? 

The most important thing in tennis is to hide your weaknesses and use your strengths. 

How do we do it on the returns without having to practice more or pay more? 

Depending on your level of play and also on the strength of your opponent’s serve, I am taking the worst scenario for you to HELP you. (Their serve is better than your return) 

Do the following on their 2nd serve only: Move your position 2 steps to the left or right, from where you normally stand to return, depending on your answer. 

If you are right-handed and your forehand is better, stand 2 steps to the left. If you are right-handed and your backhand is better, stand 2 steps to the right. 

If you are left handed and your forhand is better, stand 2 steps to the right. If you are left handed and your backhand is better, stand 2 steps to the left. 

My question today for you is: "why wouldn’t you want to make it tough for your opponent to serve a second serve to your weakness?" By standing over to one side you are making the target for them to serve to your weakness, much smaller. 

SUMMARY: I did not ask you to change your grip. I did not ask you to change your stroke. I did not ask you to run more. Can this be any easier to improve your tennis attitude? 

Sorry, but I did lie about the 2 minutes, it was only 2 seconds to answer the question. I do want you to write it down though, because you need to always "see" your strengths. 

The biggest improvement in doing this tip, is that you now have made a 100% commitment in what shot you want to play and that will give you a clear mind when waiting to return. Keep track of how many times you actually got the return you were waiting for and if it is above 70% of the time you will get to match point before your opponents. 

Let’s sit down and think about the following: If you do have a stronger side to return from, should you return 5 forehands and 5 backhands out of ten 2nd serves? NO NO NO Nooooo. 

See you soon for a new tip! 

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"if you mad or sad, you play bad"

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