Tennis Tip: Communicate with your partner before and during a point!
by Christo Van Rensburg on June 21st, 2013

Let me start off by teaching you something that is close to my heart and that will get you to match point before your opponents.
The 3 biggest rules in doubles and they are in order of importance.
2) 2nd MOST IMPORTANT is communication
3) not as important as 1 and 2, but very close, is communication.

The baseline player, who is the returner of serve, is thinking of coming to the net after the return to be next to his/her partner, who is at the net already.
The returner pre-plans this before the point starts.
"I am going to try and come to the net if I get a second serve. It is so short and soft and I feel like following it in to the net.  Don't poach." 
A lot of good things can happen now.
You are giving the opponents a different look because you are mixing up your play.
Your partner will not open her alley, so you both will not end up together on the same side.
You are taking advantage of a short ball, in this case a return, and put pressure on the opposition.
Most of all, both of you are on the same page and you will surprise the opponents and not each other.

The baseliner player, who is still the returner of serve OR who is in the middle of a rally gets a short or weak ball and has decided to follow it in to the net.
The baseline player has not pre-planned this and did not tell his/her net partner before the point started, about coming to the net. This situation just happened as the ball approached the baseliner, and he/she decided to attack this weak ball and follow it in to the net where his/her partner was.
As you are coming forward to take advantage of a short or weak ball, let your net partner know that you are coming towards the net to be next to him/her. Say anything like "I’m here" or "I’m in".  Any noise will let your partner know where you are on the court. The key here is that your partner must not poach now because you have just put pressure on the opponents by being both at the net, so why open his/her alley to make it easy for the opponents to hit the ball there. You are both at the net and have just increased the pressure on the opponents. No one needs to poach now. Trust your team mate.

SUMMARY: Why would anyone want to run in front of his/her partner, when you are both at the net. Remember, it does not matter how good or bad you are. You might not execute every shot as good as the pros, but you surely can think like a pro. Being in the right position on the court at the right time, can get you to match point just a little quicker. 

If you like my tips tell your friends, but not your opponents!!!!!!!

Remember if you can not play like a pro,
You can still think like a pro.
... because as my lovely daughter once said:
"if you mad or sad, you play bad"

Let me know if these tips have helped you! 
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