Tennis Tip: My coach Peter Fishbach, "Become a Better Player"
by Christo Van Rensburg on June 19th, 2013

Words of wisdom from my coach Peter Fishbach from Great Neck NY, who took me from 235 into the top 20 in singles and number one in the world in doubles with my friend and partner Paul Annacone.  "Be prepared that something might not work today".  Find something that works, because there WILL be something that is good enough.  With an attitude like this, great things are in store for you.

After each match, write down the things you did well in your match or practice. This will keep reminding you about your strengths.  We do not need to read about the things we did badly. Like I have said many times, "negative talk will not get us to match point". 

WHAT TO DO with the shots that were not working that day:
When you go for your next practice or drop-in clinic, try to spend extra time on working those flaws out. 
If you have a coach, ask him to spend two thirds of the practice on those situations or shots that have been bugging you and then do not forget to keep making your strengths better.  
Do not fall into the trap of becoming a FIXER.
What is a fixer?  
A fixer is a person who always work on the stuff that is not good enough, and forget to work on the things that are good and making them better.
I always remember my mom teaching me: 
GOOD, BETTER, BEST. Never let it rest,
till your GOOD is BETTER and your BETTER, BEST.

If you are going to a drop-in clinic ask the coach to put you in a position on the court where you will get more of those shots you want to practice without disturbing the rest of the players in the clinic. (Example: If it is the forehand, maybe the coach will not rotate you every time to the backhand side.) 

If you do not have a coach, ask the local coach for 2 minutes of his time to see if he can give you any advice.  This should be in his best interest, because if he does help you with a great tip, you might be his next client.  The 2 minutes can be the beginning of a great future. 

Being a coach myself, similar situations have opened big doors for me and a coach always feels honored when someone comes up and ask him/her for advice. 

Like my coach Peter Fishbach from Great Neck NY, used to say
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." 

Do not get caught by doing the same mistake next time around, because that will be your own fault for not correcting it.  This can actually help you in everyday situations whether at home or at work.  
Remember what Peter said and become aware of what is happening around you.  Find something that will get you to match point before the opponents do.  Work hard and fix the problems, but do not become a fixer.

If you like my tips tell your friends, but not your opponents!!!!!!!

Remember if you can not play like a pro,
You can still think like a pro.
 ... because as my lovely daughter once said:
"if you mad or sad, you play bad"

Let me know if these tips have helped you! 
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