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Christo van Rensburg played tennis professionally from 1983 to 1997. He was ranked in the top 20 in the world in singles and reached # 1 in the world in doubles with partner Paul Annacone, the coach of Pete Sampras, Tim Henman and Roger Federer.

Christo had wins over Lendl, Connors, McEnroe, Becker and Sampras in singles. He also competed in mixed doubles events where he teamed up with the likes of Martina Hingis and played his last professional match at Wimbledon in 1997 with Venus Williams. During his 15 years on the tour, Christo played in 14 Wimbledons during his pro career and an extra 3 years in the senior invitational event and during that time was rewarded with 3 sportsmanship awards.

Monica van Rensburg played Wimbledon at the record breaking age of 16, won 3 Team Tennis Championships, and played mixed doubles with Christo at Wimbledon. Monica and her sister Elna were selected to be included in the world's top women tennis professionals (WTA) calendar.

Christo and his wife Monica, with whom he reached the finals in the Players Championship and their daughter Briana reside in Austin, Texas. He is the touring pro at the Barton Creek Country Club Resort
F-ACE TENNIS EVENTS is a leader in providing tennis training events that offer fun, fast-paced, effective - Competiton, Coaching and Training all in one event. Now, You CAN have it all

Throughout the year we are hosting regional and national one-day and multi-day events that are unique in structure, and will give you that extra edge in regular season competition. We guarantee, you won't experience what we have in store to get you to the top of your game quicker anywhere else. 

If you, or your club is interested in learning more about attending or hosting one of our F-ACE TENNIS EVENTS in your area, let us know. We would love to get to know you. 

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About F-ACE

Christo van Rensburg played with the smiley face logo during his professional career and was known as the guy with the smiley face logo.  In 2002, Christo and his wife Monica, created F-ACE to reflect their long time winning attitude. The smiley face logo became F-ACE with a dash to have the double meaning of discribing the “smiley face” and the “ace” as that winning shot in sport. This dynamic duo along with Monica's sister Elna, played on the international pro tennis circuit for 15 years winning in excess of 50 titles between them. They competed in all the majors which included Wimbledon, The French Open, The US Open and The Australian Open.

F-ACE Brands, F-ACE.net and flirtyF-ACE.com and F-ACETENNISEVENTS.com are dedicated to helping players achieve their personal best through coaching, competition, training events, and selling exceptional clothing and tennis products that reflect a total winning attitude both on and off of the court and everywhere in between.

Together they bring their positive attitude to you, the CUSTOMER.