Do you want to WIN MORE TENNIS MATCHES? - Learn How by Experiencing our half-day Doubles Tournament with On-Court Coaching

Sign up for this unique, one-of-a-kind tournament hosted by F-ACE TENNIS EVENTS, which will allow you and your coach to work together during actual tournament play. You will learn what it takes to win a tournament and might even be the overall best player at the end of the day. This tournament is designed for players who are looking for a short intensive learning session on match play against 4 different opponents of other clubs. This method of play, with the help of your coach, will get you to match point before your opponents. 

Welcome  Barton Creek Coaches and Players

We want to share with you a new F-ACE TENNIS EVENT, "Doubles Tournament with On-Court Coaching". This style of training is the next level in providing relevant training to get you to match point first in doubles competition. We hope to see you on the court!
The Details: 


  • Only 2 adjoining courts. 
  • Easy access for the coach to help you. 
  • Easier for the coach to be fully engaged in both matches.


  • Doubles only.
  • 6 players per team.
  • 3 lines of doubles.
  • 4 clubs per draw will battle for the trophy.
  • Tournament takes 4 hours.
  • Group levels 3.0 or 3.5 or 4.0. or 4.5
  • Do not mix levels in the same group.
  • Each team will play for 2h40min.
  • Example for Club 1 vs Club 2:
    COURT 1: 40min, line 1 vs line 1, next 40min line 1 vs line 3. Last 40 min line 2 vs line 2.
    COURT 2: 40min, line 2 vs line 3, next 40min line 3 vs line 2. Last 40 min line 3 vs line 1.  
    Each doubles pair will sit out a 40min slot.
  • Team winners decided by games won after 2 hours.
  • Winners of Club 1 vs Club 2 will take on the winners of Club 3 vs Club 4 and the losers will play for 3rd place.                                 
  • Coaching allowed ALL THE TIME without any delay of play.
  • A 30-second time out can be called once per game.

Tournament dates

  • Group level 3.0 Monday 18 MAY from 9am-1pm 
  • Group level 3.5 Wednesday 20 MAY from 9am-1pm
  • Group level 4.0 Tuesday 19 MAY from 9am-1pm
  • Group level 4.5 Friday 22 MAY from 9am-1pm


We strongly recommend that your team of 6 players bring your own coach who helps you at your club.

If you need more info, email Christo van Rensburg your touring pro at FACE.netinfo@gmail.comI am available to answer any questions. 

CHRISTO (myself) - Tennis Pro 1983-1997, Top 20 in the world in singles. #1 Doubles team in the world with Paul Annacone


Multiple venues depending on how many teams enter.
​confirmed: LOST CREEK CC and POLO CLUB


Registration fee - $20 per player

Coaching fee for 4 hours - Contact your Barton Creek Staff or Christo For more info email Christo van Rensburg. (see link under "coaches")

Deadline to Enter:

Deadline to enter is 27 APRIL 2015.


The winning team in each level will receive a WINNERS GIFT to take home. The best player per level will also be honored to show their family that they actually DO go to play tennis when they leave the house. Thanks to F-ACE we have your back!

About F-ACE Tennis Events and the Hosts: 

F-ACE TENNIS EVENTS is the leader in tennis training events that provide fun, fast-paced, effective - Competiton, Coaching and Tennis. Now, You CAN have it all. Learn more about F-ACE TENNIS EVENTS and Christo and Monica van Rensburg.

Join me and win more matches.

Wasting valuable time on the tennis court, is for your opponents.

The tournament will be played in the morning and we made sure that there is no conflict between my tournament hours and HAPPY HOUR! Just kidding!
MAY 2015 F-ACE Doubles Tournament with On-Court Coaching Registration. Fee will be collected later. Register now so we know you interested. 

F-ACE Doubles Tournament Date Choice(s):
The Concept: 

You practice hard.  
You try hard.
You want to win.

BUT you still lose matches you shouldn't.

Do you ever wonder why you are unable to play in matches like you play in practice?   

The answer: There is too much of a gap between going to private lessons and drop-in clinics and then playing a competitive match.

​In what many of you experience during a normal skills practice, your coach will have you work on general things that will train you, but not necessarily as an individual or as a team player, to become a winner in competition match settings. This is mainly because things occur differently during competition and you may even play differently in a competitive match. 

More often than not, weaknesses show up in competition that are like tics that you don't notice, feel, or know how to overcome. All because there is a stress factor in matches, the stakes are higher, and in the heat of competition remembering how exactly your body or racquet was positioned for a point or loss is nearly impossible with relative accuracy. In competition, many coping points, or habits show up that we might have thought we conquered because, after all, we do great in practice.

Traditionally, in competition, coaches watch 4 courts at the same time and on top of that, the coach is not allowed to coach you until the match is over. After the match he or she points out what you should have done, but it is too late. Even worse, you lost, went home, feeling bad and you might have wished you had the coach's advice and observations during the entire match and not afterwards.

I played 15 years on the tour and believe me, I know that feeling of going home with my tail between my legs. Been there, done that. I know I can help you have fewer days like that.  Who needs those days? 

That's why F-ACE TENNIS EVENTS has created this “F-ACE Doubles Tournament with On-Court Coaching” to fill this void. Our coaching sessions which you will experience during tournament play will help you overcome and improve those bad habits, weaknesses, and things that occur only in competition. 

During my “F-ACE Doubles Tournament with On-Court Coaching”, your coaches will be with you on the court to coach and to gather valuable information about your tennis game. This will help them in working out a better way for you to train the next time you are on the practice court. Your tennis lessons and clinics will now become more focused on the important stuff and the time spent on the practice court will be of greater value.